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Looking for a family for time starting summer 2009 (Au Pair)

verfasst von Carina U. E-Mail, 03.02.2008, 19:40

I know it´s still a pretty long time to go, but you never know if I have the time to do it when it comes closer to my final exams at school!

I am a 18 year old (when I finished school - that´s in 2009- 19 years old) girl from Germany, who´s loving Finland, its nature and its people.

I am a very passionated music-lover, including playing an instrument myself (cello) aswell as doing journalistic work for an online-magazin about music.
I am playing soccer/football in my freetime, I do horseriding, in winter snowboarding and in summer windsurfing.

Furthermore I am creative person, meaning I do write stories or poems and I am interested in literature (nearly all kinds) aswell.

I´d describe my character as more or less a little quiet, often funny and knowing what I wanna archieve. I have a strong mind when I am convinced about something and I am good at planning my day (even if there are masses to do).

I started my first finnish course in September 2007 until December 2007 and did attend the second course until summer 2007, I am speaking aswell very good English and my mother-tongue German, in addition to a little French and a little Spanish so far.

I´d like to work as an Au-Pair because I wanna improve my language skills (Finnish), get to know the country more and aswell get to know Finnish culture.
Since I am a person needing "persons of trust" I´d be very happy about a lovely family which possibly see me not just as a worker but aswell as a family member.

18 (the 19), female


earliest month to start
06 / 2009

Duration of stay
something in between 6 and 12 months

Speaking fluently:
German, English

A bit of speaking:
Finnish, French, Spanish

If there is anyone being interested in me as an aupair from the mentioned time on, don´t hesitate to contact me!

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