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Searching a family around tampere/helsinki (Au Pair)

verfasst von Jassi E-Mail, Porvoo, 12.11.2007, 08:07

Hi, I'm Jassi, 18years old and at the time at Porvoo. But I have to leave the family, so I'm searching for an other around Helsinki or Tampere.
I've got a drivers licence and already much experiences with children an beeing au-pair.

The reason why I want to work as an aupair is that I would like to experience new things and combine this to something I like: Being with children, play with them and take care of them. I babysitted in Germany aswell. It all worked really fine and it is something I really like to do.
I like drawing with children or do handicrafts, too.

I have no alergies and I really love pets around me :-D

I need a new family around november/december.

If you're interested or you're having some questions, please contact me at once!

best regards

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