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au pair'ksi helsinkiin (Au Pair)

verfasst von Daniela Pencheva Homepage E-Mail, Bulgaria, 06.10.2007, 20:53

My name is Daniela,19 years old:-) . As I am childloving,calm,honest,positive and responsible full with energy,faitfull,flexsible. I have good sence of humor.
I am helpfull open person and really want to meet with new people and I want to meet You and would be able
to help You with Your children in the best way and
I would be very happy if you would accept me as your au pair.I would like to work in Au Pair,because I like children and
playing with them,to teach about life,to take for walk,and to Help them during the daily routine of life.
I have 6 year old brother and I have excpiriense of taking
care of little children.
I like to learn language and meet new country and people.
With Best Regards!!

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