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I want to be your Au Pair girl in Kuopio!!! (Au Pair)

verfasst von Jennifer E-Mail, Trier/Germany, 19.08.2007, 20:09

Terve! I would like to go as au pair to Kuopio in September 2008 do you also need a au pair in that time? That would be so great... My name is Jenny, I am 22 year old. At the moment I am working at a beautician at a big Spa Hotel in Germany. I make two time vacation in Finnland and fell in love wit the countryside and I really love Kuopio!!! As au pair I would like to go only to kuopio cause I have lot of friends there and I like the city so much other reason is also that I would like to life there and working there also in a Spa Hotel in future. But first I have to learn the finnish language that is why I wanted to become an au pair. I will start with learning now also here in Germany at the end of September(2007). In the past I also make a pratical course at kindergarden and with 18 years I take care of children age 6 till 16 at a riding school they make holidays there. If you don´t need an au pair girl then, maybe you know some other familys in Kuopio which need an au pair or do know where I can find familys in Kuopio!!!! Please contact me as soon as possibel my E-mail:
» Our family lives in Kuopio in the beautiful Lakeland area. We are now
» looking for a nice German speaking au pair girl who could start in October
» and stay minimum about six months with us.
» We have a girl (3 years) who goes daily to the German speaking
» Kindergarten, and also a boy (6 months). We live in the city centre of
» Kuopio, but we also have a nice Villa in the country side.
» Our au pair should bring our daughter to the Kindergarten and take her back
» in the afternoon. The main task is to take care of our little son. Working
» hours will be about 30-35 hours/week. Weekends and evenings are mainly
» free. Our au pair girl will live in the separated small studio in the same
» building where we live.
» We do not smoke, so our au pair girl should not smoke also. If you like
» sports, it's not a bad thing at all :) !
» Please send us an e-mail if you are interested in to be our au pair girl.

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