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Family in Kuopio looking for an au pair girl (Au Pair)

verfasst von Siiri Mälzer E-Mail, Krefeld, Germany, 18.07.2007, 13:02

Dear family from Kuopio,

my name is Siiri Annika Mälzer and I´m 20 years old.
I was in Skandinavia three times and my favourite country is Finnland.
So it would be a pleasure to be there as an Au-pair.

I often look after children and have much fun with it.
I´m not a smoker.
I´m open-minded for everything new. My hobbies are dancing, sports, acting, music and of course traveling;-)

But I could only come for a half year/ six month because then I will start studying acting in Germany.

I hope you will write me back.

Friendly greets

Siiri Mälzer

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