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I´m searching for a family (Au Pair)

verfasst von Christian Kuner E-Mail, Löbau, 01.07.2007, 18:00


minä olen Christian, asun Löbaussa, Saksassa.
Minä olen 22 vanha vuotta ja puhun saksaa, englantia, vänäjää ja vähän suomea. Minä harrastan lentopalloa, pöytätennistä ja jalkapalloa. Minä rakastan suomea :)

It would be nice, if you choice me as your au pair. I love finland and I want to learn more about the finnish culture and the language. Since 1997 I´ve the dream to live in finland. I was twice in finland (for holidays) and I felt in love with your country :)
I´m a smoker, but I don´t smoke that much (5-10 cigarettes a day). Of course I can try to stop smoking, if you pick me. Okei, that´s all. If you have any questions, ask me ;)

Have a nice day,

yours Christian

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