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au pair'ksi helsinkiin (Au Pair)

verfasst von Alina E-Mail, 01.05.2007, 16:30

:-) » Hi,
» We are the family of parents (Päivi and Markus) with two children (Emilia
» 11 years and Joonas 8 years). Our house is by sea in Helsinki - but only
» walking distance from metro station. We have had five au pairs girls before
» - they are very pleased to tell you more about our family. We would need
» you to start soonest (1.6.) if possible but you can have July free and
» continue again early August till end June 2008. We would need your help to
» pick up Joonas from school, help kids with their homeworks, take care of
» daily household duties etc. You should understand some Finnish and be
» willing to learn more - our daughter speaks very good English and we
» parents English and German but Joonas only Finnish till now!
» Hope to hear from you soon.
» Päivi

Hello, Päivi ja Markus Lonka

Your Family sounds fine!I´m searching for a longer time now for a nice host family in Finnland - most wanted in Helsinki.
I´m 19 years old and can speak very good English - and German of course,too,my mother-language.
I´ve had a social practical training last year in Berlin for 1 month.Because of that,i was in two different houses/kindergarden.
So i earned a lot of exciting experiances with kids/peoples at the age of 3 till 25 (and older).

About speaking Finnish:I´m learning it with the help of a good teaching book,but i can´t speak or understand it so good ,now.But i´m willing and able to learn it - that´s also one reason why i want to do AuPair in Finnland -to learn the language directly!:-D

I hope to hear from you,
best wishes to Helsinki and your family, from Germany
Alina :-)

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