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Anja Arfsten


12.05.2007, 01:00

Au Pair Job in Kokkola!! (Au Pair)

Hei kaikille!

Mä olen Anja, olen 19 vuotias (kohta 20 vuotias - 23. kesäkuu) ja olen itävaltalainen.

At the moment I am in Kokkola. Here I do the European Voluntary Service since beginning of January. I really like Finland and, of course, Kokkola. The people and the finnish culture.
Because of this I would like to stay a little bit longer than "just" until beginning of october.

In june 2006 I finished a vocational high school with focus on social management and I plan to study family/social pedagogics or social work when I am back in Austria.

In order to my education i had to do some practical trainings. For example in an organisation, where disabled and disadvantaged teens make their apprenticeship.

In summer 2005 i spent 2 months in Germany, in a childrens home with 12 children at the age from one to 17 years.

Now I work in a Youth House, here in Kokkola. In Summertime, when the Youth Houses are closed, I will work in the summer camps, organised by Villa Elba.

Like you can see i have some experiences with kids and teens, also with disabled kids, and I really like this work.

I speak German, English and I study Finnish since I came to Kokkola, I understand quite a lot, but I am still a little bit too shy to speak but I am sure that this will change in some time.

If there is a family in Kokkola, that is interested in me as Au Pair (support and also part of the family), please contact me and feel free to ask and get to know more about me.

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