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18.11.2015, 15:17

Mystery Shopping! (Jobs)

We are looking for someone who could carry out the Luxury Hair Salon Mystery Visit in the following places:
Tampere, Oulu, Kokkola, Kempele, Kajaani, Jakobstad – Pietarsaari, Helsinki.
Below you can find more details.

Visiting period
1st – 28th November

Shop fee
Free hair treatment up to 70 euros

You will call the hair salon to make an appointment for shampooing and brushing with Kérastase products. During your visit, the hairdresser might propose to apply a masque/ conditioner or a leave in product, in this case you must accept. Before you agree on the hair product to be applied on your hair: please make sure that it is a Kérastase product. The main goal of the visit is to evaluate the customer service as well as the cleanliness and state of the hair salon. As proof of visit you MUST obtain a receipt. You must ask for the price of the service beforehand and try to stay within budget.

You must be a woman and at least 25 years old. You should not have hair which is too short, too long nor too frizzy.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me:

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